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2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Public Service and Urban Affairs

College of Public Service

Rodney Stanley, Ph.D., Interim Dean

4th floor Suite E Avon Williams Campus



General Statement

The College of Public Service and Urban Affairs exists to educate, socialize and serve students and employers of nonprofit, health, and urban organizations by providing educational programs that build skills in knowledge of sociology, social work, urban affairs, public administration, and leadership; conducting scholarly and applied research activities supportive of these educational purposes; and consulting and applying research and knowledge of social programs.


We offer students the opportunity to learn a new approach to becoming committed, community-oriented professionals. Our programs will: 1) develop community-oriented professionals and citizens; 2) advance the state of knowledge about public policy problems and their solutions; 3) engage communities in the learning and problem-solving process; and 3) educate future career professionals in the ethical principles of leadership and public service and approaches to facilitating positive urban change and development.

No matter what policy or social issue moves you to action, you can obtain the skills and knowledge you need to be in public service anywhere and in any position from our College. We combine theory with extensive practical experience so that you can become a leader who serves in the public, nonprofit or private sector. Service-learning is a core element of the curriculum in the undergraduate program. Service-learning is a teaching method built into individual courses which combines community service with academic instruction. It focuses on critical, reflective thinking; civic responsibility, and strengthening communities. Our program involves students in organized community service which addresses local needs while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility, and commitment to the community.

Department of Social Work, and Urban Studies

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Bachelor of Science