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2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The WRITE Program at Tennessee State University


Dr. Samantha A. Morgan-Curtis, Director

Kay K. Gaines, Administrative Assistant IV

For more information contact: 

The WRITE Program 

220 Tom Jackson Industrial Arts Bldg. 


(615) 963-2131 

The WRITE (Write→Reflect→Integrate→Transfer→Excel) Program is Tennessee State University’s Writing in the Disciplines initiative designed to promote and reinforce writing skills systematically throughout a student’s course of study. The WRITE Program is committed to assisting students in participating majors to achieve their full potential as communicators in their disciplines and vocational fields. 

Developed by faculty as TSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan, the WRITE Program has grown out of the University’s commitment to preparing students to be productive community members. The University’s faculty members understand that for the immediacy of the 21st-century digital age, effective communication forms the foundation for all endeavors. Implementation of the WRITE Program began fall 2010 with the incoming students in ENGL 1010 -ENGL 1020 . The writing skills and learning outcomes learned, established, and promoted in the students’ first year writing courses will be reinforced in the HIST 2010 -HIST 2020 -HIST 2030  second year requirement. The WRITE Program then works with the students as they progress into the upper-division courses in their disciplines through the culminating capstone experience. 

Desired Student Learning Outcomes 

The student learning outcomes governing WRITE are: 

  1. Students are able to distill a primary purpose into a single, compelling statement. 
  2. Students are able to order major points in a reasonable and convincing manner based on that purpose. 
  3. Students are able to develop their ideas using appropriate rhetorical patterns (e.g., narration, example, comparison/contrast, classification, cause/effect, and definition) in response to their specific rhetorical situation. 
  4. Students are able to employ standard diction, syntax, usage, grammar, and mechanics. 
  5. Students are able to manage and coordinate basic information gathered from multiple sources. 

The WRITE Studio: 

The WRITE Studio, located in 220 Tom Jackson Industrial Arts Building, is a facility designed to provide students with access to support and services to enhance their writing as they prepare to become active participants in their fields. Through the creation of a genuinely interdisciplinary and interdepartmental WRITE Studio, WRITE recognizes the importance of a prominent, accessible, and attractive facility on campus providing a dedicated physical location for WRITE tutoring, workshops, and other activities. The arrangement of the space facilitates interpersonal interaction and maximizes flexibility for a variety of WRITE activities including workshops. The WRITE Studio reinforces the program’s philosophy of writing as a craft and discipline. The facility itself conveys this vision of writing, above all, as the appropriate concern of good students and good writers desiring to achieve excellence. 

Participating Programs in WRITE: 

Electrical Engineering, English, History, Human Performance & Sports Science, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.