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2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SOCI 4990 - Senior Project (3)

(Formerly SOC 4520). Designed to orient the student toward the systematic application of sociological knowledge and experience to a specific problem. The project-writing must be in one of the three following areas:

  • Option A– Supervised content analysis involving a critical, systematic examination and survey of literature dealing with one or more social problems. The outline of the problem to be examined must be approved before initiating the analysis. Prerequisites: SOCI 3000  and SOCI 4510 .
  • Option B– Supervised internship program in which students conduct social research in conjunction with local community agencies. The purpose is to provide field experience in research related to urban organizations. Prerequisites: SOCI 3000 , SOCI 4510 , and SOCI 4600 .
  • Option C– Supervised analytical project involving the critical examination of operations and functions of two or more community service agencies, private or public, for dealing with specific or multiple social problems within the framework of group dynamics; (2) survey of individuals’ or groups’ attitudes toward a social situation or problem. Research design must be developed and approved before project is initiated. Prerequisites: SOCI 3000 , SOCI 4510 , and admission to upper level. SOCI 4990 is required of all Sociology majors.