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2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SOWK 4401 - Child Welfare 1: Introduction to Programs, Policies and Practice (3)

(Formerly SW 440). This course is the first in a series of two child welfare courses offered as part of the TN Child Welfare Certification Program. The course introduces students to knowledge of child maltreatment and the juvenile justice system. It provides an overview of the child welfare system describing the history, policies and programs, both state and federal, pertinent to child maltreatment and juvenile offenders to intervene with families in crisis. It is intended to provide a foundation in the knowledge and values necessary for professional child welfare practice and prepare students for the second course in the series, Child Welfare II: Skills for Solutions and Permanency for Children and Families. Prerequisite(s): admission to upper division.