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2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

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Mechanical Engineering Design Experience:

A major curriculum objective is to provide mechanical engineering students with the ability to systematically apply engineering fundamentals to the design of mechanical, thermal, and manufacturing components and/or systems. Courses with engineering design content are integrated throughout the mechanical engineering curriculum.

The engineering design is integrated throughout the curriculum, starting with the definition of engineering and engineering design in ENGR 1020 - Freshman Engineering Seminar 1(1,0)  in the freshman year. The design experience continues in the sophomore year with ENGR 2010 - Thermodynamics 3(3,0) , ENGR 2110 - Statics 3(3,0) , and ENGR 2120 - Dynamics 3(3,0) .

The sequence is followed in the Junior year with an interdisciplinary design course ENGR 3200 - Introduction to Design 3(3,0) .

Mechanical Design begins in the junior year with MEEN 3210 - Mechanism Design (3) , CVEN 3120 - Mechanics of Materials (3) , MEEN 3220 - Design of Machine Elements (3) , MEEN 3250 - Computer Aided Design (3) , and follows in the senior year with MEEN 4230 - Machine Design (3) . Students may take an elective course of MEEN 4800 - Advanced Machine Design (3)  with 100% design content and a technical elective course of MEEN 4100 - Modeling, Simulation and Automatic Controls (3)  or MEEN 4700 - Mechanical Vibration (3) .

The thermo-fluid design experience builds on ENGR 2010 - Thermodynamics 3(3,0) , CVEN 3100 - Fluid Mechanics (1)  with two senior level thermal design courses MEEN 4150 - Heat Transfer (3) , MEEN 4250 - Thermal Fluid Systems Design (3) , and an elective course with 100% design content MEEN 4200 - Heating and Air Conditioning (3) .

The mechanical engineering design requirement is completed with two semester capstone design courses ENGR 4500 - Capstone Design Project I 1(1,0) , ENGR 4510 - Capstone Design Project II 1(1,0) , which draw upon previous course work. An integral part of the design experience is the introduction of ethics, economics, social issues, design constraints, safety, and security which are required to make a design successful. These concepts are introduced in the junior year and are reinforced in the capstone design courses. Design and design integrated courses, starting in the junior year, requires formal written reports and formal oral presentations to communicate the final design requirements.

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Mechanical Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (EAC of ABET),

Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering: 128 Semester Hours

Suggested Four Year Plan:

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Total: 17 Hours

Total: 16 Hours


All students are required to pass the ENGINEERING ENTRANCE EXAMINATION prior to enrolling in upper level (3000-4000) engineering courses.

Junior Year

Senior Year


  1. Electives from Humanities must be chosen from the General Education list of Humanities and Fine Arts courses approved by the University. One of these electives must be from ENGL Sophomore Literature courses.
  2. Electives from Social Science must be chosen from the General Education list of social science courses approved by the University.
  3. The Math/Science elective must be approved by the department chair.
  4. This elective must be approved by the department chair.

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