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2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Africana Studies Minor

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Department Requirements for a Minor in Africana Studies - 18 Semester Hours

General Statement: The Africana Studies Program offers an 18 credit hour Minor designed to complement a student’s major in one of the University’s degree granting programs. The Program’s curriculum and pedagogy are designed to prepare students for success in a diverse and increasingly interdependent global economy and job market.

The Program has links with public and private sector organizations that provide opportunities for Africana Studies Minor candidates to gain valuable experience through Internships, and the Program’s Field Studies Office offers outstanding study abroad opportunities.

Furthermore, the Africana Studies Program serves as a resource center for the Black community – including Africa and the African Diaspora – for schools, government agencies, businesses, and other agencies and community constituencies across the state of Tennessee.

The study of the Black culture and life, including Africa and its Diaspora, is essential to the University’s mission as an institution of higher education.

Core Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to demonstrate verbally and in writing an understanding of the nature and purpose of knowledge production and utilization, with special attention to indigenous and diasporic African systems of knowledge.
  • An appreciation of the centrality of Africa in world civilization, and an understanding of the historic, cultural, linguistic and religious forces that shape the place of black people in today’s increasingly global and interconnected world.
  • Ability to use Black social theories and paradigms to collect, measure, organize, analyze and synthesize data on the major challenges facing Black people, and to create compelling presentations that advance reasonable solutions.

Students from any discipline at TSU may opt for the Minor in Africana Studies as a complement to their degree program. The Minor in Africana Studies, coupled with their major, gives them an advantage in the job market and in graduate and professional studies.

Career Opportunities: In Africana Studies, we assist you in selecting courses that will help you meet your life and career goals. A Minor in Africana Studies can help prepare students for graduate and professional studies in a variety of disciplines, and enhance the chances of landing both public and private sector careers. Employers are increasingly concerned that their employees understand issues of diversity and tolerance, and are conversant with global and international issues. In a diverse and globally interdependent world, a Minor in Africana Studies gives students a competitive edge.

The Africana Studies Minor: The Africana Studies Program offers a Minor in Africana Studies designed to complement the student’s degree in one of the many disciplines offered at TSU. The 18 semester credit hours required for the Minor are outlined below

Additional Elective: 3 credit hours

Total Credits Required: 18 - Hours

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